Local Studies


A comprehensive illustrated guide to the local wildlife is in preparation. It will require the accumulation of accounts and illustrations of numerous creatures. Thousands of species will be involved, especially plants and invertebrates, so it will be some time before all groups are covered. In the meantime a facility has been developed for members of the public to Add Sightings of wildlife and plants or submit photographs for identification. A list of Recent Sightings is also available. These will be used to build up a comprehensive database of the local wildlife and it will be possible to home in on an area of your choice to see what plants and animals have been found there.

This project is a collaboration between BRLSI, who are hosting it on their website, and Bath Natural History Society, who will provide most of the information and illustrations. Once a year all the new records will be passed on to the appropriate Biological Record Centres at Bristol and Devizes and in return they will provide any new records they have received.


Geography and History

The Institution's Library and Archives contain a variety of books, illustrations, maps and plans relating to local history and geography. An illustrated guide to the Bath area and the historic counties of Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire is in preparation. It will include maps and plans showing how the area has changed over time, and prints and drawings of historic buildings and landmarks. Also featured will be brief biographies of influential people and organisations. Features will be introduced in stages but in the meantime a summary of the scope of the Library and Archives is available.