The Joint Local Transport Plan (2006-2011)

for Bristol City, South Gloucestershire, & North Somerset Councils

Meeting chaired by Jeremy Douch

Rab Smith

Bath & North East Somerset Council

8 November 2005

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) sets out Authorities’ policies, priorities and programmes for transport

First Round of LTPs - 5 year plans adopted in 2000 by each JLTP authority
Second Round - Provisional JLTP submitted July 2005 and the Final Plan to be submitted March 2006 for the period April 2006 to March 2011
Why a Joint Plan?

Problems are not confined to local authorities’ boundaries
Strategic approach to issues
Funding opportunities
The Joint LTP will work within strategic framework of:

Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS)
Regional Transport Strategy (RTS)
West of England Partnership sub-regional work
Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study (GBSTS)
Current Major Scheme Bids

Greater Bristol Bus Network (submitted in July 2005) – this bid incorporates "showcase" priority measures and the latest advances in technology i.e. RTI and satellite positioning equipment
Bath Package (Phase 1 to be submitted in March 2006) – includes a P&R site and expansion elsewhere, RTI, city centre pedestrian safety schemes and traffic management schemes along A36
Bath Rapid Transit System (Phase 2 to be submitted in July 2006) – which is a Rapid Transit System (RTS) from Newbridge to Lambridge and to Bath University
Further Major Scheme Bids (in next 5 years)

Second generation public transport improvements
South Bristol Ring Road
Weston-super-Mare package

DfT formula allocation of £62m for 2006-2011
Separate funding for Major Schemes (costing >£5m)
Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) - extra DfT funding from 2008 onwards for ‘packages of schemes which combine effective demand management with better public transport’
Accessibility Planning

Accessibility planning is designed to tackle the problems of getting to work, colleges, local hospitals and health centres, especially for the disadvantaged groups or areas

Problems and Needs - identified with ‘Accession’ Mapping software and input from stakeholders
Objectives and Priorities – improve accessibility by reducing congestion, improving public transport and facilities for walking and cycling and linking these to key services, present and future
Action Plans likely to focus on:
Bristol Health Service Plan
Bath Royal United Hospital + Bristol Royal Infirmary
Public Transport Information
Business Parks, Cribbs Causeway
Bristol International Airport
Further Education colleges
JLTP Next Steps

Further consultation during November 2005 following GBSTS recommendations and recent work on accessibility planning
Feedback from DfT on Provisional Joint LTP and TIF pump priming bid in Nov/Dec 2005
Submit final Joint LTP March 2006
Bath Package Major Scheme, submit bids March and July 2006
Further major scheme bids to be agreed
Jeremy Douch