11th May 2002

The Chairman of Trustees, Nancy Catchpole, began the meeting by outlining changes in the line-up of the Institution's staff and officers and went on, with Rodney Tye, Chairman of the Finance sub-committee, to describe some significant financial matters.

Rodney said that, thanks to the new lease agreed with the Training Agency, we now had £45,000 more rental income annually, and the draft accounts for the past financial year showed a healthy positive balance.

Nancy announced the successful conclusion of the Institution's claim against the former Avon County Council, which had resulted in a settlement, after payment of legal and other costs, of nearly £600,000. She described the Trustees' response to the recommendations of the working group on using these funds to best effect and the setting up of a new group to take things forward. Members were invited to look at floor plans of the buildings, and contribute ideas for their use.

The Chairmen of the Programme and Collections sub-committees, Martin Sturge and Robert Randall, gave impressive accounts of the year's activities and future plans. In Paul Birkeland-Green's absence, Nancy Catchpole described the advances made with the web-site (which were agreed to have been very successful), and possible developments.

In the open forum that concluded the meeting discussions ranged widely and included networking with similar organisations across Europe, a short name for the Institution, the quality of the building's potential exhibition space, the need for a new leaflet to publicise the Institution, and how to attract more members to the Members' meeting.

Angela Ould