Photography Without Cameras

by Paul Birkeland-Green on May 5th 1999

Physics and mathematics can be used to create reality: one computer technique for this is known as ray tracing. A demonstration and some examples of a typical ray tracer, Povray was shown. It is possible with this NASA 'style' software to create photo-realities on most desktop computers.

This new tool gives artists as well as Space Administrations the ability to generate scenes, objects, views of their own design. The motif can be generated mathematically. The University of Wales, Gwent is considering a Photography Without Cameras course. Their photography courses are renowned and the possibility that this approach could offer may well expand the possibilities of what is considered to be photography; to think up spaces and generate photo-real situations.

Artists have a belief that the artistic drive is a primal human experience, and that man has to produce marks through an action of the body to make art. Is it just as valid however, to make marks mathematically to produce art?

Paul Birkeland-Green