Dr Robin Holt, on 4 May 1999

Dr. Holt was Lecturer in Philosophy at Southampton University, and authored book on Wittgenstein's political thought published by Routledge.

His interest in political thought extended to a study of this aspect of Deleuze's work.. Gilles Deleuze is a major contemporary French philosopher known for his studies of Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Bergson and Nietzche, and for his `anti-systematic' mode of thought expressed in his book Difference and Repetition. Deleuze co-authored with Felix Guattary (a political theorist), Anti-Oedipus, an attack on Freudian psycho-analysis and on Lacan's post-structuralism, as reinforcing the socio-political order. The detailed report of Dr. Holt's talk is unavailable.

Victor Suchar