Introduced by Cllr Jeff Kenyon, B&NES, on 3 November 1997

The Transportation sub-Committee of B&NES Council decided last April to allocate 35,000 from
the 425,000 they had available for Councillors to spend on a number of small schemes which would
produce appreciable improvements in conditions quickly. This talk explained what they had done with the
Mr Kenyon first explained where the money came from. Each year in July the Council have to ask
the Dept. of Transport for authorisation to borrow money to spend on transport schemes in the next
financial year by submitting a TPP Transport Policies and Progress listing what they want to do and
where the emphasis of their policy lies. They divide the proposed schemes into major, minor and safety
categories. For 1996/97 they listed three major schemes Newton Railway Station at Newbridge, Lambridge
Park & Ride site and an Urban Traffic Control system (the SCOOT traffic light control) for which they
required 1.27 million and received nothing, none were approved. For minor schemes throughout B&NES
they wanted 2.057 million and received 325,000; for safety schemes they got 100,000 out of the
202,000 requested. Hence the 425,000 available. Note that it is permission to borrow not hard cash.
The sub-committee have a list of over 600 safety and traffic calming requests from residents and
have a priority list:
Pedestrians, Impaired Mobility, Cyclists, Public Transport Users, Commercial & Business users, car-borne
Shoppers, coach-borne Tourists, and finally car-borne Commuters.
Outside Bath they have installed road narrowing gates' into several villages and at Bannerdown
Road; a one-way system at Keynsham; and road markings in Radstock. In Bath, they have extended speed
limit areas in Kelston Rd, Bradford Rd and Lansdown Rd; propose to close Church Street, Widcombe and
Foxhill Lane; and put road markings on Entry Hill. They are erecting signs and bollards in various places to
prevent parking on pavements.
The discussion included a request for wider pavements at Terrace Walk, Westgate Buildings and
Park Lane and this led to the City Centre Team's draft Report on Traffic being introduced as a topic. The
proposed bus gates' at Orange Grove and Westgate Buildings will drastically affect the amount of traffic
going through the city and thus improve conditions for pedestrians. It was also pointed out that effective
traffic calming could be achieved cheaply by asking the police to do radar speed checks at irregular intervals
in appropriate roads.

Don Lovell