World Affairs


18 September: Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj, University of the West of England - "Developing Cities: Flooding, Droughts and Watewater Management"

16 October: Prof Jonathan Beaverstock, University of Bristol - "Wealth and the Super Rich"

20 November: Prof James Copestake, University of Bath - "International Development"



15 January: Ambassador Mr Koji Tsuruoka -  "Japan - World Affairs: Through Our Eyes"

19 February: Robert Barrington - "Corruption: Vigilance and Transparacy"

19 March: Prof Julia O'Connell Davidson - "Modern Slavery"

16 April: TBC

21 May: Jenette Arnold OBE - "London: A World City"

18 June: Ambassador of Colombia -  "Colombia - World Affairs: Through Our Eyes"

16 July: Canon Dr JA Harding - "The History of the City State of the Vatican"

August: No Meeting

17 September: TBC

15 October: TBC

19 November: US Embassy Minister-Councillor Courtney Austrian -  "United States of America - World Affairs: Through Our Eyes"

December: No Meeting