World Affairs



21 January: Prof Brad Evans - "Witnessing Atrocity: The Importance of the Arts in Countering Violence"

18 February: Dr Roy Maconachie - "Natural Resource Governance and the Extractive Industries: the Case of Sierra Leone"

17 March: HE Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras - "Through Our Eyes - Greece"  POSTPONED

21 April: Prof Bridget Anderson - "Towards New Thinking on Migration" POSTPONED

19 May: Dr Nieves Perez-Solorzano Borragan - "The UK, An Awkward Partner in Europe" POSTPONED

9 June: Professor Boris Begovic - "Culture as a Fundamental Explanation of Economic Growth" POSTPONED

21 July: Dr AlisonOrton - "It's Time to Talk ABout Torture"

15 September: TBC

20 October: Prof Brad Evans - "The Myths of Violence"

17 November: TBC

15 December: Dr Ellis Malony - "The Fate of the Flush - An Investigation into Pharmacetical Oceanic Pollution"