The Science Group typically meets on the last Thursday of each month.


The subjects of the talks range over all branches of science, including the history of science, and are aimed at non-specialist audiences.


Suggestions of topics and speakers are welcome and should be sent to [email protected]


In addition to the information which appears about each talk in the BRLSI calendar/newsletter and on the BRLSI website; a special email giving information about lectures related to this group will be sent if you provide your email address to [email protected]



All meetings at 7.30pm, unless otherwise indicated


Thurs. 26th Jan. Ultrasonic Levitation, Professor Bruce Drinkwater , University of Bristol


Friday 3rd Feb. Mercury Rising - Measuring Temperature through Time, Professor Graham Machin, National Physical Laboratory (jointly with the Herschel astronomy group)


Thurs. 23rd Feb. Genome Editing and its Implications, Dr Tony Perry, University of Bath


Thurs. 23rd Mar. The Advent of the Laser, Professor John Davies, University of Bath


Mon 10th April. The Life and Times of Mary Somerville, Dr Claire Brock, University of Leicester (jointly with the History and Culture group)


Thurs. 27th April. Plate Tectonic Theory and its Legacy for the 21st Century, Professor Steve Sparks, University of Bristol (jointly with the Geography and Adventure group)


Thurs. 25th May. Epigenetics, Dr Adele Murrell, University of Bath


Thurs. 22nd June Extreme Weather, Professor Brian Golding, Royal Meteorological Society, Reading (jointly with the Geography and Adventure group)


Thurs. 20th July To be announced


Thurs. 28th Sept. The History of Animal Life Professor Matthew Wills, University of Bath


Thurs. 26th Oct. Exploring the Ocean Floor, Dr Philippe Blondel, University of Bath


Thurs. 30th Nov. Eating Insects, Peter Smithers, University of Plymouth

Science - News

  • The Advent of the Laser

    On Thursday 23 March at 7. 30 pm, Professor John Davies of the University of Bath will describe how, since the 1960s, lasers have transformed many aspects of technology and have entered into our daily life.