The subjects of the talks range over all branches of science, including the history of science, and are aimed at non-specialist audiences.

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The BRLSI's public activities are temporarily on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are providing lots of new digital content to keep you informed, stimulated and entertained.


Science Group Talks 2020

The BRLSI's Science Programme continues digitally and online during the pandemic.

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Covid-19 Behind the Headlines Conversations

Simply click on the images below to watch the conversations, interviews and talks

A conversation with microbiologist Professor Edward Feil for BRLSI about the virus that has shut down the world.

COVID-19: Behind the Headlines (Part 1) - The Coronavirus Pandemic: Where did it come from?


Microbiologist Professor Edward Feil in conversation with Professor Stuart Reynolds for BRLSI, examining how and why Covid-19 has affected most of the world in such a short space of time.

COVID-19: Behind the Headlines (Part 2) - Coronavirus Testing Explained


Coronavirus Testing Explained  - University of Bath microbiologist Dr Andrew Preston in conversation with Professor Stuart Reynolds for BRLSI.

COVID-19: Behind the Headlines (Part 3) - Why The Virus Is Spreading So Far And So Fast


In this Virtual BRLSI Spotlight, the BRLSI's Professor Stuart Reynolds talks to Professor Ed Feil (University of Bath, UK) about the methods that are being used to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. The conversation begins with discussion of testing and contact tracing, moves on to social distancing, and also discusses immunity to the virus. Finally, Prof Feil talks about the exit strategies that are available to begin to return to "normal" life. This talk is one of a number of Virtual BRLSI Spotlights on Covid-19.

Covid-19: Behind the Headlines (Part 4) - Controlling the spread of the virus.



Exercise and Immunity

During the current Covid-19 crisis and self-isolation, Dr James Turner discusses the benefits of regular exercise for the immune system with Andreas Wasmuht.

The conversation focuses on the importance of exercise in general and the developments and findings of scientific studies.