Patrick O'Brian Society of Bath

The Patrick O’Brian Society of Bath


Founded by Ruth Mannion-Daniels in 2010, the Patrick O’Brian Society of Bath is a reading group for devotees of the novels of Patrick O’Brian, who is counted in many literary circles as the outstanding historical novelist of the Twentieth century.


The twenty novels in the Aubrey/Maturin series, plus one unfinished, chronicle the friendship of Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Steven Maturin in their lives and exploits in the British navy during the Napoleonic wars.


Each novel is complete in itself, but the series together amount to a wonderfully powerful evocation of life both at sea and on land, combining humour and human nature with high adventure and contemporary history, recounted with a formidable culture and erudition, which for descriptive power can match anything in fiction of sea-life in Nelson’s time.


As the Programme will show, while the Patrick O’ Brian novels form the mainstay of the Society’s interests, they also include the writings of other renowned authors of the days of sails from the last two centuries, surrounding British naval endeavours in what has become know as the Age of Enlightenment.


Forthcoming Programme 2019




Patrick O.Brien


Captain Jack Aubrey sails away from the hated Australian prison colonies in his favourite vessel, the Surprise, pondering on middle age and sexual frustration.


He soon becomes aware that he is out of touch with the mood of his ship: to his astonishment he finds that in spite of a lifetime's experience he does not know what the foremost hands or even his own officers are thinking.


They know as he does not, that the Surprise has a stranger aboard:


And what they, for their part, do not know, is that the stranger is potentially as dengerous as a light in the powder magazine itself.