Economics and Business

Lectures are typically given on the second Tuesday of the month


The Economics and Business Group at BRLSI endeavours to provide time for thought and reflection on many of the major questions of our time, both in the form lectures by eminent speakers and through lively discussion on the major economic issues of the day. The old Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times', seems apt for the unprecedented economic times in which we live. We look forward to welcoming you to our evenings of economic and business exploration.



2018 BRLSI Business & Economics Lecture Programme



19 February 2018              Artificial Intelligence in Business              Jules Trocchi

                                                                                                                       CEO, Security Directions Ltd


13 March 2018                   Women in business                                      Julie Cooper, Chair of the

                                                                                                                        Bath Business Women Association


10 April 2018                     Why AI is the future of Growth                   Mark Purdy, Accenture


08 May 2018                      Why the Economics of Climate                   Professor Michael Finus,

                                             Change matters                                               University of Bath


12 June 2018                     How organisations can reframe                   Dr Krista Bondy

                                             their role in society                                        Deputy Director, DPOS,    

                                                                                                                         University of Bath


10 July 2018                      Business Skills and Entrepreneurship         Dr Gareth Stone, Bath Spa



11 September 2018      The turmoil of Financial Institutions             Nick Silver, Associate of the



09 October 2018            The many faces of corruption                       Dr Ajit Mishra, University of



13 November 2018        The UK Economy & Housing Market        Professor John Muellbauer,

                                                                                                                    University of Oxford


Previous lectures:


09 January 2018                 Digital disruption in Business models    Matt Connolly,

                                                                                                                     CEO Tallt Ventures


12 December        Sustainable development in design            Professor Peter Bradley, UWE


14 November        The Economics of Schools          

                              Professor Simon Burgess, University of Bristol


0 October            Happiness to Anger - Why and how emotions drive economic decisions                                                     

                              Professor Brit Grosskopf, Exeter University


12 September      'Out of control'? How companies work in practice      

                             Paul Jackson, writer for Investors Chronicle


13 July                  Model pupils, underachievers and troublemakers         

                              Jonathan Oates, Teaching Fellow, Bath


13 June                  A different Economic Future            

                              Andreas Wasmuht, Economics Convenor BRLSI


09 May                 What’s gone wrong with Economics             

                              Professor Dennis Leech,Warwick University


 11 April                 Should a University Education be ‘free’         

                              Professor Michael Otsuka     LSE


08 March             The next Financial Hurricane                   

                            Professor Antonio Cabrales       UCL


14 February        Why Economics must change   ‘The need for a poetic approach’

                           Dr Sebastian Berger          UWE



10 January           The Circular Economy                            

                             Dr Ben Davies                  Bath Spa University




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