Economics & Business

Convenor: Andreas Wasmuht    


Co-Convenor: Trevor Johnson


The Economics and Business Group at BRLSI endeavours to provide time for thought and reflection on many of the major questions of our time, both in the form lectures by eminent speakers and through lively discussion on the major economic issues of the day.

The old Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times', seems apt for the unprecedented economic times in which we live. We look forward to welcoming you to our evenings of economic and business exploration.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Business & Economics programme continues digitally on the BRLSI website and YouTube Channel. Please click on the YouTube link below to access videos of previous virtual talks.

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2020/2021 BRLSI Business & Economics Lecture Programme


08 December 2020     Professional Development & Contextual Intelligence, Dr Paul Dowson, Bath Spa University

12 January 2021        Business after Covid   - Dr Martin Parker, University of Bristol

09 February 2021      The Importance of AI in Business – Roberta Bernardi, University of Bristol

09 March 2021           COVID, Trust and Responsible Business – Professor Veronica Hope Hailey

13 April 2021              Business Transformation and Innovation – Dr Anna Walker, Bath Spa University

11 May 2021               Lessons from Family businesses – Dr Antonio Revelli, Bath Spa University

22 June 2021              The Importance of Industrial Sustainability – Professor Palie Smart, Bristol University


Previous lectures:

11 February 2020                        Rebuilding Trust and Trustworthiness in 21st Century Society – Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey, Uni of Bath

14  January  2020                         Stories and Narratives in Post-Truth Times - Yiannis Gabriel, Emeritus Professor,  University of Bath

10 December 2019       The Privilege and Challenge of Leading a Charity in Modern Day Britain, Wayne de Leeuw, Interim CEO, Dorothy House Hospice


12 November 2019      Creating a more sustainable and inclusive banking sector, Jules Peck, FRSA, Founding Director, Avon Mutual Bank

08 October 2019           Expansion of Chinese firms Overseas: Consequences for Workers - Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic, University of Bristol


10 September 2019      Complex Systems and system resilience in Business & Economics: From theory and practice 

                                          Professor Philip Haynes, University of Brighton


09 July  2019                   How to embrace complexity and change the world  - Dr Jean Boulton,Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of Bath


11 June  2019                  Tackling Short-Termism -Tej Parikh, Senior Economist, Institute of Directors


14 May 2019                        The Business of Modern Slavery -  Professor Andrew Crane,  University of Bath


10  April   2019                  How Organisations can deal with Complexity -  Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, LSE


12  March 2019                  Inside the Money Machine - Why the World is Drowning in Debt - Chris Gilchrist, author for Money Marketing



27 February  2019            ‘Williams Automobiles   An example of Business Generational Sustainability’

                                            Richard Williams-joint talk with Technology Geography & Adventure


12 February 2019               The future of the European Project          Professor Jeremy Clegg

                                                                                                                           University of Leed

09 January 2019                 `The Spider's Web                                         Film Documentary.

                                               introduced by John Christensen,                 co-Producer


11 December 2018             The Organisation as an Organism            Andreas Wasmuht, BRLSI

                                               Convenor                                                          Business & Economics


13 November 2018           Property, Debt and the Economy                Professor John Muellbauer,

                                               'A Tale of two countries'                              University of Oxford


09 October 2018               The many faces of corruption                  Dr Ajit Mishra

                                                                                                                           University of Bath


11 September 2018            Twilight of the Gods of Finance                Nick Silver

                                                                                                                           Associate of the LSE


18 July 2018                        The UK Housing Crisis                                Paul Jackson

                                                                                                                           writer Investor's Chronicle

12 June 2018                       (Re)Organising Our Role in Society         Andreas Wasmuht

                                                                                                                           Convenor BRLSI B&E


08 May 2018                        Climate Change: Can we avoid disaster ?

                                               Professor Michael Finus                                University of Bath


23 April 2018                        Why AI is the future of Growth                   Mark Purdy, Accenture


13 March 2018                     The role of women in business                 Julie Cooper

                                               Chair of the Bath Business Women Association


19 February 2018                Artificial Intelligence in Business              Jules Trocchi

                                               'Loving the Machine'                                    CEO, Security Directions Ltd


09 January 2018                 Digital disruption in Business models     Matt Connolly

                                                                                                                           CEO Tallt Ventures


12 December 2017             Sustainable development in design         Profssr Peter Bradley, UWE


14 November 2017             The Economics of Schools                        Professor Simon Burgess

                                                                                                                           University of Bristol

10 October 2017                  Happiness to Anger

                                               Why and how emotions drive economic decisions

                                               Professor Brit Grosskopf                                Exeter University


12 September                       'Out of control'? How companies work in practice 

                                               Paul Jackson, writer for Investors Chronicle


13 July                                  Model pupils, underachievers and troublemakers

                                               Jonathan Oates, Teaching Fellow, Bath


13 June                                 A different Economic Future

                                               Andreas Wasmuht, Economics Convenor BRLSI


09 May                                  What’s gone wrong with Economics 

                                               Professor Dennis Leech, Warwick University


  11 April                                  Should a University Education be ‘free’          

                                               Professor Michael Otsuka     LSE


08 March                               The next Financial Hurricane                   

                                               Professor Antonio Cabrales       UCL


14 February                          Why Economics must change

                                               ‘The need for a poetic approach’                  Dr Sebastian Berger  UWE


10 January                           The Circular Economy                            

                                               Dr Ben Davies                                                 Bath Spa University


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