Herschel / Astronomy

The Herschel Group is a collaboration between the William Herschel Society (WHS) and the BRLSI. It generally holds talks on the first Friday of the month (with exceptions) over subjects related to astronomy, space travel, and William, Caroline and John Herschel.


Suggestions of topics and speakers are welcome and should be sent to [email protected]


Events are publicised by BRLSI in their newsletter and by email to WHS members who elect to receive them.  Membership of the WHS is recommended and only costs £10 a year: go to http://www.williamherschel.org.uk/membership/.  Altenatively you could email [email protected] to be included in the non-members email list.


Upcoming talks



Date TitleSpeaker

6 December 2019 7.30 pm



Moon: Art, Science, Culture

Dr Robert Massey & Dr Alexandra Loske RAS

7 February 2020 7.30 pm


6 March 2020 7.30 pm


3 April 2020 7.30 pm


8 May 2020 7.30 pm



Dark Matter and Current Direct Detection Experiments

Astronomy in an Age of Revolutions: The Foundation and Founders of the Royal Astronomical Society 1820


Hipparcos and Gaia: space astrometry — unravelling the formation and evolution of our Galaxy


Observing the Sky


Dr Cees Carels


Prof Michael G. Edmunds


Dr Michael Perryman


Dr Robert Fosbury