20 February 2017 - "English Drama in the 1960s" Dr. Joseph Anderton, Assistant Professor in Drama and Performance, Department of English, University of Nottingham

22 March 2017 - "Did the 1960s Change the World?" Professor John Gray, philosopher, author, broadcaster - Bath Box Office event

23 March 2017 - "The Advent of the Laser" Prof. John Davies, University of Bath

8 April 2017: Musical Evening

16 April 2017 Easter

18 April 2017 - "The Vietnam War" Andrew Preston, Cambridge University

20 April 2017 - "The Two Germanies in the 1960s"

27 April 2017 - "Plate Tectonic Theory and its Legacy for the 21st Century" Steve Sparks, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

16 May 2017 - "The Legacy of the 6 Day War" Ahron Bregmon, King’s College London

24 May 2017 - "Philip Larkin (1922-1985)" Graham Banks

30 May 2017 - "May 1968" Dr. Chris Reynolds, Nottingham Trent University

17 July 2017 - "The English Novel in the 1960s" Dr. Joe Jackson, Assistant Professor in 20th Century and Contemporary Literature, Department of English, University of Nottingham

18 July 2017 - "Africa United" Richard Dowden, Royal African Society

15 October 2017 - "Richard Hoggart (1919-2014) Writer and Critic and Author of 'The Uses of Literacy'" Dr. Rob Spence, former Assistant Head, English and History, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire

16 November 2017 - "G√ľnter Grass (1926-2015) Writer: Aspects of his Life and Work"  Dr. Debbie Pinfold, Senior Lecturer, Department of German, University of Bristol


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