William Smith: Geological Investigations in Somerset and the Reconstruction of his County Map

03 October 2019

William Smith’s geological achievements in Somerset will be evaluated using his original maps and cross-sections compared with modern data. His early Mearns colliery survey and later work on the Somerset Coal Canal will be discussed; this culminated in the world’s first geological map of the Bath area in 1799. Smith never published a geological map of Somerset, however a version with faintly engraved geological boundaries was used to reconstruct a geological map of the county. From early in his career Smith recognized the importance of fossils in the characterization of strata, examples of these from his ground-breaking publication, “Strata Identified by Organized Fossils” will be presented.

Peter Wigley
editor, William Smith's Fossils Reunited


Visitors £5; Members/Students £2

© Peter Wigley, with kind permission

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Peter Wigley, editor, William Smith's Fossils Reunited