Society to Establish a Minister for Men - Minister for Men

21 March 2018

Minister for Men Talk with Swayne O'Pie


Women’s issues are very well addressed at every level and in every area of the political system; and that’s fine. And there has been a Minister for Women since 1997. However, the many serious issues faced by men and boys today are nowhere morally or politically represented – even though there are more male MPs than female. This talk explores this interesting cultural anomaly.

Swayne O’Pie (MA; B.Sc.; B.Ed.; Dip. Special Ed.) is an experienced speaker and has participated in numerous Arts and Humanities debates and discussions in university forums. He has been an adviser to Bob Geldof on this television programs, his literary contributions to Cambridge University publications, and his meetings with Ministers.

This talk has been accepted by BRLSI as a philosophical contribution to cultural thinking.


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21st March 2018

Tickets £4 Students £2