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17 October 2019

The Art of Dying
Dr Peter Fenwick is an eminent neuropsychiatrist, neurophysiologist, academic and leading expert on disorders of the brain. He is senior lecturer in neuropsychology at Kings College London, John Ratcliffe Hospital and consultant at Broadmoor and the Institute of Psychiatry.

Dr Fenwick's provocative research, includes near death experiences, deathbed visions as well as the experiences of hospice and palliative care workers. This has led to a belief that consciousness may be independent of the brain and therefore able to survive the death of an individual.

His latest book, The 'Art of dying' looks at how other cultures ie Tibetan, Swedenborg, have dealt with the dying process, comparing them with phenomena reported through recent scientific research at the Maudsley hospital.

Image permission: Dr Peter Fenwick

Oct. 17th 2019, 7.30pm. BRLSI: 16 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN. Entrance £5
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Dr. Peter Fenwick M.D. F.R.C. Psych,