Reshuffling Chemical Bonds: Harnessing the Power of Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry and Clean Energy

26 September 2019



Images: Background— Pixabey, Licence: CC0
Panels: Poli, I. et al., 2019. Nature Communications, 10:2097. No changes. Licence: CC BY 4.0

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Catalysis underpins virtually every sector of the chemical industry that supplies us with the energy, fuels and materials that our modern society is based on. It is also widely recognised as key technology for our transition to a more sustainable value chain based on renewables (the so-called circular economy). But how can we understand the magical properties of catalysts, and develop new and better ones? This talk will describe work on the chemical synthesis and on energy generation at Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

Dr Ulrich Hintermair, University of Bath