Towards more Immersive Panoramas

11 September 2019

Wednesday 11 September 2019 7.30pm
If you need disabled access please email [email protected] in advance, so we can make arrangements

Dr Christian Richardt
Visual Arts
University of Bath
Panoramas have been fascinating people for more than 200 years, yet recent advances make them more immersive than ever.
In my talk, I will start by briefly reviewing history from the pre-computer era, and then describe the main steps of digital panorama stitching, which has found its way into most phones and consumer 360° cameras.
I will also present our new approach called “MegaParallax” that enables people to casually capture and view high-quality 360° panoramas with motion parallax and different views for different viewpoints – the most immersive panoramas to date.

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Dr Christian Richardt, University of Bath