**POSTPONED** The Evolution and Influence of Miles Davis’ Trumpet Style

22 April 2020

Californian Charley Dunlap fell in love with jazz when he was 11 years old. He listened to jazz on radio at night and was immediately attracted to the sound of Miles Davis. His first record purchase was Cookin’ by the Miles Davis Quintet in 1957. The love affair continued; Charley took up the trumpet and learned to play to Miles’ albums. Though he gave up trumpet for other instruments, he always tracked Miles Davis’ career. Many decades later, Charley found himself in Bath writing, for ten years, about jazz and other music for the Bath Chronicle. The aim of this evening is to follow, with audio examples, the evolution of Miles Davis’ playing through his life and after in those influenced by him.

Charley Dunlap, Music Journalist, Musician, Promoter