**Video** Remembering William Wordsworth: A Conversation with Professor John Strachan

10 August 2020

William Wordsworth, one of England's most famous poets, was born 250 years this year. He is of course most well-known for his short lyrical poems about his beloved Lake District but he is much more than a poet of country walks. His poems—especially his odes and his epic masterpiece, The Prelude—are profound and complex meditations on politics, society, philosophy, and the human condition. These capture something vital of England during Wordsworth's life, but they also continue to speak to us, albeit in new and different ways.


Join us as we explore Wordsworth's life, poetry, and importance in a conversation with Professor John Strachan, Professor of English Literature and Pro-Vice Chancellor at Bath Spa University. 


Contributor Professor John Strachan

Interviewer Professor Ian Gadd


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