**Live** A.C Grayling on Philosophy's History

01 December 2020

The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution host one of Britain’s leading intellectuals this December.  Professor A.C. Grayling returns to BRLSI to deliver a live virtual lecture entitled Philosophy’s History on Tuesday 1st December 7.30pm, with tickets being sold through Eventbrite. This lecture, part of BRLSI’s ongoing philosophy programme, will bring the delights of philosophical enquiry to your own living room, where you can ponder his thoughts at the same time as reaching for the Spinoza or the Schopenhauer!


But why when humanity faces such great societal flux should audiences take the time to get to grips with tomes written centuries ago. Professor Grayling’s recent publication The History of Philosophy explains and explores thoughts, from classical antiquity to the present and this is a wonderful chance to hear him expound upon why philosophy has never been so relevant; not solely as means of human consolation at a time when humans most need consolation but as a driver for societal reinvention. For Grayling, the relevance of philosophy is unquestionable, and the history of philosophy illustrates with great clarity why philosophy is not only a highly consequential enterprise: it is indeed the source of all human progress.


Recognisable to listeners of Radio 4 and the World Service, and also as the founder of the New College of the Humanities; this is a chance to come and hear one of Britain’s most prominent thinkers talk on the very roots of the subject in which he made his reputation. There will be a live Q&A afterward and if there is anything you have ever wished to ask Professor Grayling while reading him at home or listening to him on the Moral Maze then this is very much your chance to put your questions forward.  


This talk is one of many philosophy lectures being transmitted by BRLSI in 2020 and others in the series include five talks on the subject of Being and Becoming developed by BRLSI’s resident philosopher Andreas Wasmuht alongside talks by well-known philosophers Raymond Tallis and Simon Blackburn; still available to view on the Virtual BRLSI YouTube channel. For junior philosophers out there, BRLSI have upcoming philosophy seminars directed towards A-level students as part of BRLSI’s youth activities programme.


The talk on Philosophy’s History will be transmitted live on the 1st of December at 7:30 pm (GMT), with tickets starting as little as £4 for members/students and £7 for non-members. Since this is an online event, it can be accessed wherever you are in the world, but since BRLSI expect this talk to be a popular you may wish to book your ticket as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Please join BRLSI as it delves deeper into an understanding of the world through an exploration of the world’s most prominent thinkers and in the process develop some great thoughts of your own!

Visitors £7, Members and Students £4


Professor A C Grayling, New College of the Humanities
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