**Live** A 3 Day Symposium - Vienna's Contribution to European Culture 1890-1935

A new Worldview

22 February 2021

The BRLSI is delighted to offer our second Vienna Symposium following the great success of our first event in 2019.

We have a full programme with outstanding speakers who will throw light on a turbulent and exciting period in European culture that had an influence we still feel today.

Stefan Zweig’s connection to Bath; music in secessionist Vienna; Freud and the genesis of psychoanalysis; the ground-breaking work of Wittgenstein; the influence of the Vienna Circle; modernist women writers on Vienna; the art of Oskar Kokoschka and how a new direction for architecture took root in the city all feature in a richly varied programme.

A New Worldview: Vienna's Contribution to European Culture 1890-1935


Friday March 19th 7.30pm (UK)

The Vienna of Yesterday – Stefan Zweig is not ‘at home’

Dr. Richard Stamp, Bath Spa University.


Saturday March 20th 10.30am (UK)

Vienna’s Second Spring: Architecture and Urbanism 1919- 1935

Dr. Ruth Hanisch teaches architectural history at the ETH Zurich.


Saturday March 20th 12.00pm (UK)

Oskar Kokoschka. Bad Boy of Viennese Modernism

Bernadette Reinhold, Director, Oskar Kokoschka Centre, University of Applied Arts Vienna.


Saturday March 20th 5.00pm (UK)

‘Marionettes gesticulating on a badly-lit stage’: modernist women write Vienna

Dr. Faith Binckes, Bath Spa University.


Saturday March 20th 7.00pm (UK)

Music in Secessionist Vienna: reconciling the high and the low

Dr. Charles Wiffen, Bath Spa University.


Sunday March 21st 12.00pm (UK)

Vienna and Wittgenstein’s Tractatus

Dr. Arif Ahmed, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge.


Sunday March 21st 2.00pm (UK)

Freud and the Genesis of Psychoanalysis

Prof. Stephen Frosh, Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London.


Sunday March 21st 5.00pm (UK)

The Vienna Circle and its Significance

David Edmonds, author and broadcaster.

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Sunday March 21st 6.00pm (UK)

Plenary Session

Chaired by Dr. Richard Stamp.

A 3 day symposium of talks looking at the extraordinary cultural impact of Vienna in the years from 1890 to 1935.


Dates: 19 March 19:30 to 21 March 18:00


Visitors £40, Members £20

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