**Video** The Meaning of Existence - Being and Becoming

A new Perspective!

09 September 2020

The question of our existence represents one of the fundamental enquiries into what it means to be human. ‘Is there any inherent meaning and purpose to our existence?’, is something humanity has asked itself, stretching back into pre-history.
This final lecture explores the problems with Philosophy in helping us find an answer to the Meaning of Existence and proposes a new approach from which to consider and answer this oldest of questions - ‘Relationality’. This requires us to think of existence as an evolving and emerging process, rather than states of affairs. 

Virtual lecture by Andreas Wasmuht, BRLSI Philosophy Co-Convenor

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To watch the video, please click on the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GynjF7tUQfg&t



Andreas Wasmuht, BRLSI