Life after COVID 19 – The Economy and Organisation

12 January 2021

The idea that the microscopic virus is teaching us a lesson is quite a common one, but what is it teaching us? We have already discovered that we don't all need to travel to work in the ways that we have for a few centuries, that some of our worst paid workers have been the most important, and that there is a magic money tree. The virus is zoonotic, a term that implies the separation of human and nature. What would a homonotic economy look like, one that began by assuming our absolute connection between homo sapiens and the rest of the planet?


Martin Parker is Professor in the School of Management and Lead for the Inclusive Economy Initiative at the University of Bristol. His most recent books are 'Life After Covid19' (Bristol University Press 2020), 'Anarchism, Organization and Management' (Routledge 2020) and 'Shut Down the Business School (Pluto 2020).



Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay


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Dr Martin Parker, University of Bristol
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