The Scientific and Medical Network - Gnosis in Science and Consciousness

04 December 2019

David Lorimer is a writer, director and lecturer of The Scientific and Medical Network. He has written and edited 12 books inclluding 'Radical Prince,' on the ideas and work of the Prince of Wales, and 'A new Renaissance'. Classical scholar Peter Kingsley argues that the origins of Western Philosophy lie in Mysticism and gnosis, rather than Socratic reasoning. David proposes that we have lost our roots and our identity in what Ian Gilchrist would call the cultural dominance of the left hemisphere thinking. He suggests that the rise in interest in mystical and near death experiences are one expression of non dual gnosis and give us an insight into the deeper nature of consciousness where head and heart come together.

£5, 7.30pm

David Lorimer MA, PGCE, FRSA, The Scientific & Medical Network