Free Event: Q&A Leslie Glenn Damus in Conversation with Fiona Robinson

05 February 2020

BRLSI Free Art Event- talk and reception with current BRLSI exhibitor Leslie Glenn Damus in conversation with Fiona Robinson, artist, writer and new president of the RWA. Wednesday 5, February- 6pm for 6.15pm start.

Some further Information on our current exhibitor:

"My perception of the ugly becomes beautiful, so I’m inviting the viewer to see things in a different light-Leslie Glenn Damhus

If you are intrigued by the mysterious incongruities of objects lying within Leslie’s paintings, you may want to catch her in in conversation with Fiona Robinson, artist, writer and new president of the RWA (the UK's only regional Royal Academy of Art). Talk and reception, Wednesday 5, February, 6 for 6.30pm, in the gallery at Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution.

Extra Information about Leslie Glenn Damhus.

The paintings of Leslie Glenn Damhus combine the historical and the contemporary, weaving modern-day cultural references through Renaissance imagery, with Madonna-styled women at the heart of the canvas.

Her fascination with contrasts fills her canvases with playful symbolism and double meanings: fruits and plants, strange and curious animals whose unsettling gaze confronts the viewer. “Picking the most curious animals, such as hairless cats and Chinese crested dogs, goes back to my early early memories of Bosch”.

Contemporary fabrics play another important role; swaddling clothes, or the Virgin's dress, are patterned in polka dots or bubble gum tones of yellow, pink and blue urban camouflage. Haloes become decorative plates or flowers and headpieces turn into pigeon adorned cabbages or knitted animal hats. All rendered in painstaking and startling detail, using tiny brushes.

Whether she’s referencing Renaissance paintings juxtaposed against contemporary art, beauty against ugliness, the serious with the playful, or searching for perfection whilst permitting serendipity, Leslie is always attempting to find a balance between old and new.

The work of Leslie Glenn Damhus is on show in the current exhibition of ‘Extraordinary Women in Bath’ at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution until 13 February, Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 16.00