EXHIBITION - Extraordinary Women in Bath

05 January 2019

Open Monday - Saturday  10.00am - 4.00pm

A Free Exhibition

This BRLSI exhibition, on until 2nd March, 'Extraordinary Women in Bath' reveals the many and varied stories and achievements of women who have visited and lived and worked in the city over two millennia. From writers, poets and artists to queens, doctors, radicals, athletes and intellectuals, it aims to restore these women to their rightful place in Bath’s history.

The exhibition also features other aspects of women’s activities linked to Bath: 

• Books from the historic library of BRLSI written by women over the last 250 years.   

• Women who contributed to the development of BRLSI over two centuries, including some who donated items to the collection. For example, on show will be part of a herbarium donated to BRLSI in 1825 by Miss Lucy Sarah Atkins, which formed the core of the Institution’s botanical collections.

• Artworks by Louisa Albani. 

Louisa Albani’s work is inspired by two notable women who spent time in Bath. Mary Wollstonecraft, who lived here for three years from 1787, wrote ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ one hundred years before the Suffragettes took up the cause of equal rights for women. Thirty-five years after her mother’s departure, her daughter Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (later Shelley) arrived and wrote much of her innovative novel ‘Frankenstein’ in the city. These women left a legacy of progressive ideas, philosophies and stories, part of a historical powerhouse of women writers whose literary works still resonate. Louisa Albani’s work engages audiences in a new and fresh way, bringing their words to life again through creativity.