BRLSI / Royal Institute of Philosophy - 6th Form Free Philosophy Seminars

25 October 2018

Start date: 25th October 2018, and continues on a weekly basis. End date: 29 November 2018


5:00pm 6:30pm


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Enhance your knowledge, extend your understanding, develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, broaden your A level studies and also help with any plans you have for university entry or jobs.
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This is the seventh series of 6th Form seminars offered by BRLSI and the Royal Institute of Philosophy.
Students from many schools in B&NES have attended previously.
In this series we will question the foundations for philosophy, why it is important and its meaning in relation to life. There will be an emphasis on discussion and exploration around these issues, looking to widen the scope of our thinking in the process. What is knowledge? Are questions more important than answers? Is truth something constant? What should philosophy do?