BRLSI Poetry - Alexander Pushkin

14 June 2018


Visitors - £4; Members/Students - £2

Permissions: A sketch of Pushkin with kind permission of the Pushkin Press

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Professor A D P Briggs: Professor Emeritus, University of Birmingham,
& Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) is considered to be Russia’s greatest poet and has been called the ‘Father of Russian Literature’. This lecture will summarise and exemplify Pushkin's mastery over poetic form, his major preoccupations and his sense of humour, all in one (translated) 47-line poem that could be called, ‘Winter . . . What shall we do out in the country?’
Professor Briggs’s translation of War and Peace (Penguin Books, 2005) has sold 60,000 copies and achieved critical acclaim. He has also edited six volumes in the Everyman Poetry series, including translations from Pushkin, on whom he is a leading authority. This lecture, however, will be entertaining ‘nearer to Lucy Worsley than Jacob Bronowski’