BRLSI Patrick O'Brian Society - Darwin and the Beagle

24 September 2018


Visitors £4; Members/Students £2

Permissions: Mike Twohig 


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Patrick O'Brian Society

When HMS Beagle sailed out of Plymouth in 1831 on survey, she carried a naturalist named Charles Darwin, who had been fortuitously appointed at the age of twenty-two. Destined for the church, Darwin was happily prepared to confront the Book of Genesis.
But everything he encountered on the voyage – from the primitive people of Tiera del Fuego to the famous finches of the Galapagos Islands, and fossil seashells gathered at 12,000 feet in the Andes – conspired to wean the young scientist from the simple faith of the Beagle’s commander, Captain Robert FitzRoy, and force upon him the subversive conclusions of The Origin of Species.

Perfectly told by Alan Moorhead and magnificently illustrated from contemporary sources, Darwin and the Beagle is the exciting story of a five-year circumnavigation which was to change the course of human thought.