BRLSI Herschel/Astronomy - Paler Blue Dots: Technology Developments on ISS for Finding Earth 2.0

13 July 2018


Visitors - £4; Members/students - £2

Permissions: NASA

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Dr Daniel Batcheldor - Professor and Head of Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
The last decade has seen a giant leap in the number of known planets around other stars including hot Jupiters close to their host stars and Earth-like planets. Most of these were found by the Kepler Space Telescope, but now the TESS mission is attempting to find the closest stars with planetary systems. These data will be used by the James Webb Space Telescope to view planets with the hope of finding out something about their atmospheres. Up to now imaging these planets has been incredibly difficult but we have carried out observations in Florida and on the Canary Islands, and have recently completed an ISS mission to demonstrate a key technology that should massively simplify this. This lecture will cover our current understanding of exoplanets, the techniques used to detect them, and the status of our ISS mission.