BRLSI Herschel / Astronomy - To Mars via Kazakhstan: Beagle 2 - Lost on Mars but found 11 years later

05 October 2018


Visitors - £4; Members/Students - £2

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Terry Ransome - Aerospace engineer for over 30 years

Joint Herschel Astronomy & British Interplanetary Society Lecture
The final highlight in Terry Ransome’s working life was to work at the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan from where Yuri Gagarin embarked on the first human spaceflight. Terry took with him the UK’s Mars Lander Beagle 2 the probe that was lost on Mars at Christmas 2003, but found 11 years later. In this talk he tells how Beagle 2 came about, and how it was prepared, launched and eventually found on Mars. A postscript looks at hopes and expectations of missions now on their way, or soon to be launched to the Red Planet.