BRLSI Herschel / Astronomy - The Herschel Space Observatory

07 September 2018


Visitors - £4; Members/Students - £2

Permissions: explicit from Michael Hudler 

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Luke Lucas, Engineer at the European Space Agency in Conversation with Charles Draper of the William Herschel Society
Luke Lucas will talk about her career in Space Engineering in conversation with Charles Draper of the William Herschel Society. Making a connection with Caroline Herschel’s discoveries of comets and nebulae over 200 years ago, Luke Lucas worked with the Herschel Space Observatory, the largest infrared telescope ever launched, which was designed to peer into star forming regions of cold nebulae previously hidden from optical telescopes. She worked on the HSO through all phases of the project, being responsible for mission planning and the SPIRE instrument. The conversation will continue about her present work on mission planning and the thermal subsystem for the Mars Express, which has been orbiting Mars & achieving outstanding science since 2003.