**LIVE** Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household

29 May 2020


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If you manage to read Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household while stuck in, you’ll be about the first reader of this classic thriller to be saved from going on a misguided camping holiday to Dorset in the aftermath, seeking for yourself the neglected Holloway where the nameless protagonist takes cover from pursuing Nazi assassins.

This novel has inspired something of a cult in recent years. First published in 1939 Rogue Male still stands not only as a gripping thriller and sample of genre writing at its finest, but also the first book to make ordnance survey maps seem genuinely sexy. Great news for so many of the BRLSI congregation!

Join BRLSI to discuss a classic of genre fiction which is both a gripping read and a great way of exploring the English countryside from your own head when it is difficult to do otherwise.

And if this choice doesn't appeal right now, don't be put off joining as we will be adding new titles in the future.


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