Analytic Network - Accessing Implicit Memory with Mindfulness

19 May 2018


10.30am–12.30pm - Tickets at the door only: £10


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Mindfulness can increase self-regulation, affect tolerance, and acceptance of reality. In Hakomi, mindfulness is also used to access the “known but unremembered givens of relational life.” This talk explores ways that working with implicit learning can support core-level change. An exercise will be used to differentiate reflecting on from observing the organisation of experience.

Maci Daye Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Certified Sex Therapist
Maci Daye is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Hakomi Trainer from the USA and Spain. Maci has practiced Hakomi since the mid-1980s and joined the faculty of the Hakomi Institute in 2001. She co-authored The Art of Bottom-up Processing: Mindfulness, meaning and self-compassion in body-psychotherapy, (in print), Routledge.,,


No copyright information/permission required