Community Learning and Engagement Officer

Appointment of a Community and Learning Engagement Officer (CLEO)


Job Description

1) Outline

Post Title: Community and Learning Engagement Officer (CLEO).

Place of Work: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 16 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN

Line ManagerBetty Suchar, Chair of the BRLSI Management Committee.

Supervisor: Paul Thomas, BRLSI Director

Pay Grade: £16.00 per hour.

Period of Employment: Fixed Term of 36 weeks at 28 hours per week, or agreed equivalent over a maximum 50-week period. A maximum of 1,008 hours.

Working days: Weekdays (to be specified) and some Saturdays throughout the period.


2) Job Purpose

The purpose of this post is to secure and extend key aspects of BRLSI’s educational activities and services both during the period of tenure and beyond. 


3) Main Duties and Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of the post can be described in four closely related categories:


To lead, sustain, and manage the development of the Young BRLSI Programme of workshops and events.

This will entail:

  • Designing and administering the Programme;
  • Commissioning workshop leaders;
  • Overseeing the creation of STEM activity materials (including risk assessments) and events;
  • Overseeing the administration of bookings (waiting lists, consent forms and attendance lists);
  • Maintaining systems for monitoring and evaluating the Programme’s quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and participant feedback;
  • Providing training for volunteers, and maintain and revise procedures and standards specifically with regard to the Young BRLSI Guidance Booklet;
  • Supervising and supporting key volunteers (e.g., workshop supervisors, quality assurance managers, fire evacuation officers, publicity and recruiting volunteers, young researcher facilitators);
  • Ensuring that the Young BRLSI offer, archive and other appropriate sections of the BRLSI online museum are maintained on the BRLSI website; 
  • Coordinating publicity, press releases and advertising;
  • Liaising with participants’ parents/family, schools and the press;
  • Liaising with BRLSI staff to maintain the online shop, ticket sales, booking systems and consent forms;
  • Networking with education providers in the region (schools, colleges and universities) with a view to recruiting new volunteers, workshop teams and researchers, and to support the annual production of a STEM self-guided family trail and the Young Inventor awards;
  • Liaising with BRLSI’s Graphic Science and other volunteer coordinators;
  • Investigating ways of developing the Young BRLSI programme and of addressing the learning needs of local/regional communities and groups;
  • Reclaiming and coordinating outreach workshops currently run by University of Bath with BRLSI materials;
  • Supporting and attending key Young BRLISI related meetings and events (e.g., Young BRLSI sub-committee, the Annual Young Researcher Presentation Conference, and the Annual Bath Taps Into Science Festival).


To identify and develop opportunities for working with BRLSI staff, volunteers, members and supporters to enhance and extend BRLSI’s educational services and activities.

This will entail:

  • Close co-operation with various groups (most notably, BRLSI Collections and Programmes) to address their strategic needs and the development opportunities that they have identified;
  • Identifying strategic external partners to strengthen and extend BRLSI’s educational outreach and activities;
  • Developing a database of contacts, potential partner organisations, supporters, donors, and grant-awarding bodies to help opportunities for the development of BRLSI’s educational services and finances;
  • Conducting activities designed to increase membership of and public engagement with BRLSI, through new activities and services to meet the needs of particular demographic groups, organisations and communities. 


To lead and support activities designed to increase BRLSI income, both from its current activities and from new income streams, with a view to securing the financial sustainability of the CLEO post.

This will entail:

  • Working closely with BRLSI members to draw upon their knowledge, expertise and external contacts in education, business and the community;
  • Liaising with various local, regional and national groups and organisations to identify opportunities for the collaboration;
  • Liaising with key departments (e.g., at Bath University and Bath Spa University) to inform staff of the work of the CLEO and to seek advice and support on methods and sources of income generation; 
  • Identifying potential sources of external grants from public and private bodies and organisations, disseminating information about new grant opportunities, expressions of interest and calls for applications, and supporting the development of applications; 
  • Identifying and supporting activities designed to increase donations and endowments (as through legacies) to BRLSI.


To advise the Chair of the BRLSI Management Committee and the Board of Directors in the development of BRLSI’s community engagement activities and plans.

​​​​​​​This will entail: 

  • Assisting in the preparation of Progress Reports (including action plans, where needed) to the Board of Directors; 
  • Attending BRLSI committee meetings as advised by the Chair of the Management Committee;
  • Undertaking any other duties as required by the Chair of the Management Committee within the scope and terms of the post. 


4. Person Specification

1 Qualifications and Experience

  • Recent administrative experience, or equivalent
  • Experience of working on projects and activities as a key member of team and of liaising with external organisations
  • Experience of studying or working in the education or charitable sectors.
  • Experience of working with youth, educationally disadvantaged groups, and/or in lifelong learning
  • Experience of financial/business administration and project management
  • Good numeracy, web and IT skills, including Microsoft Office

2 Skills and Knowledge

  • Excellent interpersonal, organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to work without continuous day-to-day supervision, and to prioritise work to ensure that is delivered on time
  • Knowledge of administrative work within a charity or educational organisation
  • Knowledge of and experience of fund-raising work 

3 Personal Qualities

  • A professional approach to delivering high-quality work and services
  • An ability to work with, lead and support other people as part of a team
  • A flexible and proactive approach to work
  • A willingness to take initiative and be creative and enterprising
  • Willingness to develop ideas and plans in partnership (an entrepreneurial mind-set)
  • Enjoyment of the challenges of problem solving and working with external groups and organisations

4 Special Conditions

  • The post holder will be subject to an Enhanced Disclosure DBS check.
  • This is a part-time role and the normal pattern of work is to be agreed with and approved by the post’s line manager, on or prior to appointment. Any changes to the normal pattern of work are to be agreed with reasonable notice. 


How to Apply

Applications must arrive on or before August 27th to include:

  • An email copy of your application in the form of a letter addressing the terms of the Job Description and the Person Specification and your CV. If you feel it is appropriate a maximum of two letters of support.


  • If you are invited to interview you will be asked to make a presentation before your interview to BRLSI members and the Interviewing Panel. The topic of your presentation is ‘Building Strategic Partnerships for BRLSI’ (Power Point presentations are permitted but not required.) The presentation should last no longer than 15minutes and will be followed by an additional 10 minutes for questions arising from BRLSI members.
  • Interviews will be held at BRLSI 16 Queen Square, Bath. BA1 2HN on Tuesday September 11th  

Start Date

  • The starting date for the post will, ideally, be early October 2018.


The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution is an Equal Opportunities employer.