Research Activities

The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Collections is closed under the current circumstances, but not inactive. In conjunction with the SW Museums representatives, we have been pursuing the requirements for Google Arts and Culture, where we hope to put our images and text to broaden our cultural reach. Currently we need to concentrate on the background research. GA&C require images of 150 items together with a contextual caption of a maximum of 300 words. Here is a research opportunity for you all: we have the images but not all the information.

So far we have reached 0ver 80 items, so well done all of you.

Please do not treat this as an obligation. It is a should be a fun thing to do when the gardening has been done, the kitchen cupboards washed down, the grouting on the floor scrubbed, and the bedroom repainted, exams finished…….. Guidelines for the methodology come first, then below that is a table with links to the galleries of images for you to browse through. I will be taking items out of the albums as they are chosen by people for research and replacing them with new images.


CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
1 Select an object to research from the menus below: Note the photograph number of the object. Mail that number back to me
2 I will send all the catalogue details and the image for that object to you by return of email, including the collector if possible, and I will remove that item from the list of choices.
3 Find out as much as you can ( or want to) : materials, cultural significance, why it was collected, anything of interest. Keep a note of the sources of information, the book, or the URL
4 Write a 300 word synopsis of your information
5 Mail notes and synopsis back to me and I will put this on my database. The full info will go on the catalogue with your attribution, and the synopsis will be part of our GA&C contribution that our Collections Manager will organise on his return from fulrough.
6 Repeat the process with a new object.



IF there is any special area you would like to investigate not included in any of the images below LET ME KNOW. We will deal with this.

Galleries: click on the underlined titles

Fossils Africa
Minerals Asia
America Shoes
Natural History Some of us are working on this so let me know if you want to participate and I will coordinate – insects, butterflies, herbarium sheets etc.

If there is some specific object or area you would like to research, then Please Let me know and I will search return the catalogue details

WHAT TO PUT IN or LEAVE OUT : The advice is simple: Whatever interests you. We cannot predict what the viewers of the objects will be interested in. If you are interested then impart that enthusiasm and then they probably be interested as well. Treat is as a detective story, a forensic investigation and you will have no idea where it will lead you.

Happy Hunting

Dr Henry Ford: Chair of Collections Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

AND if you would like to donate to BRLSI Collections specifically then go here to our local giving page