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Climate Change & International Development World Affairs February 2005
Combe Down - more than Stone Mines Lunchtime Lecture Series February 2005
An Introduction to the Met Office Science January 2005
New Poetry – a discussion of The Brink by Jacob Polley Poetry January 2005
Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Environmental Disaster World Affairs January 2005
Feeding Ancient Rome Antiquities January 2005
Leo Tolstoy: Sinner, Novelist, Prophet Literature and Humanities January 2005
Regional Government & Environmental Policy World Affairs January 2005
Bernard Bosanquet’s Philosophical Theory of the State Philosophy January 2005
Transport Infrastructure Transport December 2004
What is Religion? Philosophy December 2004
Alexander the Great’s Successors: in defence of the Hellenistic period Antiquities December 2004
Bureaucracy Economics November 2004
Dolphin Sonar Science November 2004
What is Performance Poetry? Poetry November 2004
‘The Secret of the Sphinx’: What makes Wuthering Heights unique in English Literature? Literature and Humanities November 2004
Hong Kong: Riding the Dragon World Affairs November 2004
The Maintenance of Heritage Buildings Transport November 2004
Proust & the Nature of Memory Philosophy November 2004
The Art of Losing: Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) Poetry October 2004
The Cultural Context of the Fleury Playbook: liturgy & drama in a corner of 12th century France Music October 2004
Microbial Life Under Glaciers Science October 2004
Politics before Feminism Literature and Humanities October 2004
Penguin Books: the Allan Lane Years Literature and Humanities October 2004
Personal Identity as a Philosophical Problem Philosophy October 2004