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Wing-in-Ground Effect Aircraft - Principles & Progress Science May 2005
Development of a Novel Hydro-Pneumatic Active Suspension Postgraduate Series May 2005
Fear of the Flying Dutchman: Wagner, an Introduction Music May 2005
Mayakovsky in America Literature and Humanities May 2005
Community Responses to Environmental Issues World Affairs May 2005
Nietzsche 1844-1900: Right Questions, Wrong Answers Philosophy May 2005
Ivor Gurney (1890–1937): Soldier, of a Sort, Poet & Composer Poetry April 2005
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman Literature and Humanities April 2005
Cross-Border Relations at the Edge of the European Union World Affairs April 2005
Widor, Vivaldi & Pets Music April 2005
Aristotle: an introduction Philosophy April 2005
Old Age in Ancient Rome Antiquities March 2005
Massacre: Truth & Reality World Affairs March 2005
Willa Cather & My Antonia Literature and Humanities March 2005
A Writing Life Poetry March 2005
The importance of Paul Ricoeur: an introduction Philosophy March 2005
What is it Like to be a Bat? Science February 2005
T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets Poetry February 2005
Climate Change & International Development World Affairs February 2005
Combe Down - more than Stone Mines Lunchtime Lecture Series February 2005
An Introduction to the Met Office Science January 2005
New Poetry – a discussion of The Brink by Jacob Polley Poetry January 2005
Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Environmental Disaster World Affairs January 2005
Feeding Ancient Rome Antiquities January 2005
Leo Tolstoy: Sinner, Novelist, Prophet Literature and Humanities January 2005