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Appearance v Reality Philosophy October 2018
The Poetry of Sylvia Plath Poetry October 2018
The Many Faces of Corruption Business & Economics October 2018
Theatre and Drama in Paris and London, c.1790 to c.1820: Fascination, Envy and Jealousy Literature & Humanities October 2018
Wealth and the Super Rich World Affairs October 2018
How Cities Change Institution Lecture October 2018
BRLSI Philosophy - The Evolution of Ethics Philosophy November 2018
BRLSI Business & Economics - Housing, Debt and the Economy: A Tale of Two Countries Business & Economics November 2018
Classics for the Masses: The Shaping of Soviet Musical Identity under Lenin and Stalin Literature & Humanities November 2018
International Development: Finance and the UK World Affairs November 2018
Ancient Indian Astronomy, and the Concept of Zero Herschel/Astronomy November 2018
BRLSI Philosophy - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF GEORGE BERKELEY (1685-1753) Philosophy December 2018
The Organisation as an Organism Business & Economics December 2018
Café Philo - Who is my Neighbour? Philosophy January 2019
The Spider's Web Business & Economics January 2019
World Affairs Through Our Eyes: Japan World Affairs January 2019
Creative Writing at Corsham and the Path to Publication Literature & Humanities February 2019
Why the Mind is Not the Brain Philosophy February 2019
The Future of the European Project Business & Economics February 2019
Corruption: Vigilance and Transparency World Affairs February 2019
Williams Automobiles Ltd: An Example of Business Generational Sustainability Business & Economics March 2019
Time to Tell: A look at How we Tick Philosophy March 2019
Inside the Money Machine: Why the World is Drowning in Debt Business & Economics March 2019
Modern Slavery World Affairs March 2019
Living in Godless Times - Are we the Last Individuals Philosophy April 2019