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Title Group Post date
Why I am not a Christian Philosophy September 2010
Memes and Genes Philosophy May 2008
The Origin of the Origin: What Henslow taught Darwin Lectures February 2006
Local Government in the 21st Century Public Meetings January 2006
A German Lady’s Impressions of Regency Bath Lectures January 2006
Chopin, Schumann, Liszt & the Piano Music November 2005
Vietnam 1968-1969: A place & a year like no other Lectures November 2005
Christopher Anstey: A life in 18th century Bath Lectures November 2005
Weston Village: A Look Back Lunchtime Lecture Series November 2005
Settling Ethnic Conflicts Lectures October 2005
The Primacy of Imagination Lectures October 2005
How is the Constitution Treaty now viewed within the EU & Slovenia? Public Meetings October 2005
Opera Production: Curatorship or Creativity Lectures September 2005
A Copernicus in Poesie: A Consideration of the Life & Writings of John Donne Poetry July 2005
Visualizing the Unseen: The role of analogy in physics Postgraduate Series July 2005
Philosophy & Territory Philosophy July 2005
‘Homeric’ Art in Ancient Greece: the case of Polyphemos Antiquities June 2005
Can Our Food be Completely Safe? Science June 2005
Poems of Faith and Doubt Poetry June 2005
Thomas Mann: Moralist & Critic Literature and Humanities June 2005
Biomimetics: learning from nature Postgraduate Series June 2005
Living with the Megapower World Affairs June 2005
Wing-in-Ground Effect Aircraft - Principles & Progress Science May 2005
Development of a Novel Hydro-Pneumatic Active Suspension Postgraduate Series May 2005
Fear of the Flying Dutchman: Wagner, an Introduction Music May 2005