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Title Group Post date
BRLSI Business & Economics -How organisations can deal with complexity Business & Economics April 2019
Living in Godless Times - Are we the last Individuals Philosophy April 2019
Corruption: Vigilance & Transparency World Affairs March 2019
Inside the Money Machine: Why the World is Drowning in Debt Business & Economics March 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Time to Tell: A look at how we tick Philosophy March 2019
Williams Automobiles Ltd: An Example of Business Generational Sustainability Business & Economics March 2019
Corruption: Vigilance and Transparency World Affairs February 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The future of the European Project Business & Economics February 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Why the Mind is not the Brain Philosophy February 2019
Creative Writing at Corsham and the Path to Publication Literature & Humanities February 2019
World Affairs Through Our Eyes: Japan World Affairs January 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The Spider's web Business & Economics January 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Café Philo - Who is my neighbour? Philosophy January 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The Organisation as an Organism Business & Economics December 2018
BRLSI Philosophy - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF GEORGE BERKELEY (1685-1753) Philosophy December 2018
International Development: Finance and the UK World Affairs November 2018
Classics for the Masses: The Shaping of Soviet Musical Identity under Lenin and Stalin Literature & Humanities November 2018
BRLSI Business & Economics - Housing, Debt and the Economy: A Tale of Two Countries Business & Economics November 2018
BRLSI Philosophy - The Evolution of Ethics Philosophy November 2018
How Cities Change Institution Lecture October 2018
Wealth and the Super Rich World Affairs October 2018
Theatre and Drama in Paris and London, c.1790 to c.1820: Fascination, Envy and Jealousy Literature & Humanities October 2018
The Many Faces of Corruption Business & Economics October 2018
The Poetry of Sylvia Plath Poetry October 2018
Appearance v Reality Philosophy October 2018