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BRLSI Business & Economics - Expansion of Chinese firms Overseas: Consequences for Workers Business & Economics October 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - The Mystery of Music Philosophy October 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - How to embrace Complexity and change the World Business & Economics September 2019
Complex Systems and System Resilience in Business and Economics: from Theory to Practice Business & Economics September 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Reality as Process - An outline of A N Whitehead's metaphysics Philosophy September 2019
Literature and Advertising in Late Georgian England ca.1780-1820 Literature & Humanities July 2019
Tackling Short-Termism Business & Economics June 2019
Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature and Culture Literature & Humanities May 2019
The Business of Modern Slavery Business & Economics May 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - The Mystery of how we make sense of the world Philosophy May 2019
Bath Philharmonia: The Conception, Creation and Growth of an Orchestra for 21st Century Bath Literature & Humanities April 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics -How organisations can deal with complexity Business & Economics April 2019
Living in Godless Times - Are we the last Individuals Philosophy April 2019
Modern Slavery World Affairs March 2019
Inside the Money Machine: Why the World is Drowning in Debt Business & Economics March 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Time to Tell: A look at how we tick Philosophy March 2019
Williams Automobiles Ltd: An Example of Business Generational Sustainability Business & Economics March 2019
Corruption: Vigilance and Transparency World Affairs February 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The future of the European Project Business & Economics February 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Why the Mind is not the Brain Philosophy February 2019
Creative Writing at Corsham and the Path to Publication Literature & Humanities February 2019
World Affairs Through Our Eyes: Japan World Affairs January 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The Spider's web Business & Economics January 2019
BRLSI Philosophy - Café Philo - Who is my neighbour? Philosophy January 2019
BRLSI Business & Economics - The Organisation as an Organism Business & Economics December 2018