Adelard goes forth from BRLSI

Malmesbury Abbey, Friday 14th October: Convenor Michael Davis represented BRLSI at the Malmesbury Philosophytown Festival with an illustrated talk on Adelard (‘England’s First Scientist’) and BRLSI’s own Adelard of Bath project.

An audience of more than 50 enjoyed the talk, accompanied by a slide show projected onto the Bath stone wall above the Altar (Adelard, ever the innovator, would no doubt have approved of this mix of ancient and modern technology), as well as a viewing of Michael’s replica of Adelard’s legendary floor-length green cloak.
Twenty people signed up to BRLSI’s Adelard email list – you can get in touch via our Adelard mini-site at
From left: Mark Whittaker (BBC Radio 4 presenter), Michael Cuthbert (Philosophy town Festival Director), Michael Davis (BRLSI Adelard of Bath Convenor), Richard Bateman (Festival Chairman)