BRLSI is Moving Online!


BRLSI is Moving Online!

The BRLSI building @16 Queen Square is temporarily closed to visitors, volunteers and members but our work continues!

The BRLSI building may be closed for now, but we will be providing a range of content and activities that are not venue based. This will include talks, interviews and videos online taking forward BRLSI’s mission to promote science, literature and the arts.


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And view our special Spotlights interviews.


In the meantime, the BRLSI urgently needs your help. From 18 March the BRLSI’s building at 16 Queen Square has been closed in response to the multiple challenges of COVID-19, resulting in the postponement of its regular evening talks programme.  In addition work has had to stop supporting and exhibiting its rich geographical and ethnological collection which is of world renown and importance.  The closure has also affected the use of the Institution as a meeting hub for the community.  These changes have put the Institution under threat as never before. So,we have started on the actions needed to ride the challenges coming our way and are also looking for opportunities that will arise.


Founded in 1824, the BRLSI survived closure during WW2 and many further disruptions over the years. Never has the sort of offering the BRLSI provides been of greater relevance.  To help us to weather this storm the institution needs your continued support. You can support the BRLSI by renewing or taking out membership, making a donation or leaving us a legacy in your will. Click on the links above to find out more.


With the building shut, we have reduced income and all donations will help us to reopen when we can. We can’t exaggerate how appreciative we are of the support we have received from staff, volunteers and members. Thank you.


We will keep everyone updated on our website, newsletter and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). 


We want to welcome you all back in person for face to face activities as soon as we can, In the meantime stay safe and do keep in touch with what we are doing!





Click here for BRLSI COVID-19 Guidance & Advice