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Youth Activities Galleries

If you want to see details of Young BRLSI, all its activities, the programme of events and how to book for workshops please go to brlsi.org/events-proceedings/meeting-groups/youth-activities Please use the links below to see more photos from past events.
Gallery Image Date
Invent It Jan 15th January 2016
Air pressure Jan 5th January 2016
BRLSI Young Researchers Jan 9th January 2016
Water Works For Us All Jan 9th January 2016
Royal Society of Chemistry Global Experiment Jan 9th January 2016
Young BRLSI January 2016
Glorious food at Snowhill Dec 17 December 2015
Glorious food Foxhill Dec 1 December 2015
Lotions and potions December 12th December 2015
Adelard and his bag of knowledge December 12th December 2015
The BRLSI Members Christmas Party Saturday December 6th December 2015
BRLSI Young Researchers November 14th November 2015
Young Researchers Presentation Conference October 17th October 2015
Magnets, electricity and seeing the light Oct 15th October 2015
Our Dynamic Planet October 10th September 2015
Awesome Science Curo Offices, Foxhill September 16th September 2015
Away with the BirdsAt the Gateway Centre, September 16th September 2015
September 12th Heritage Open Doors Family September 12th September 2015
Bath Young Inventor of the Year Award ceremony July 18th July 2015
Fossils and Geology at Snowhill July 15th July 2015
Jelly Optics with Kerrianne. July 11th July 2015
Rainbows and Colours. June 16th at Southside Centre. June 2015
Rainbows and Colours. June 13th with Steve Kimmins June 2015
BRLSI Young Researchers: Writing up the Research Paper June 13th June 2015
Can Chemistry be Green? June 13th June 2015
Cooking up Cool Science with Ed Snow 11th July June 2015
Rainbows and Colours June 17th at The Gateway Centre June 2015
Make it fly at The Gateway Centre May 20th May 2015
Body Bits and Pieces Southside Centre May 19th May 2015
Building a Radio with Steve the Radio Society of Great Britain May 9th May 2015
Stupendous Stones and Raucous Rocks May 9th May 2015
BRLSI Young Researchers complete their programme and present their findings May 9th May 2015
How do the flowers grow? Victoria Park Greenhouse. April 11th April 2015
Sustainable Chemistry April 11th April 2015
Electricity, magnetism and ipads at the Southside Centre April 21st April 2015
The Body and ipads 22nd April at Snowhill April 2015
Sunny April 22nd in Snowhill April 2015
Magnets, Electricity and iPads at Foxhill April 1st April 2015
Young Researchers prepare to present their findings. April 11th April 2015
Milky Way Galaxy Zoo. April 11th April 2015
Bath Taps into Science at University of Bath Friday March 20th March 2015
Bath Taps into Science Victoria Park March 21st 2015 March 2015
Be a zoologist. February 14th 2015 February 2015
Have a heart February 2015
BRLSI Young Rese archers Saturday January 10th January 2015
Adelard and his bag of knowledge January 10th January 2015
Crazy Chemistry with Dr Dave and Dr Beth January 10th January 2015
The Young Inventor Award Launch Jan 16th January 2015
Seeing the Light at Southside Centre January 20th January 2015
Launch of Bath Young Inventor of the Year January 16th. January 2015
Awesome Science with Horningsham School staff January 17th January 2015
BRLSI Young Researchers Saturday December 13th December 2014
BRLSI 6th form Philosophy Seminars December 2014
BRLSI Christmas.Party December 2014
Christmas Party December 6th December 2014
Milky Way Zoo Saturday December 13th December 2014
Young Scientist Researchers November 8th November 2014
Make it fly November 8th November 2014
The Royal Society of Chemistry Experiment November 8th November 2014
Royal Society of Chemistry Lectures for 6th form students October 8th October 2014
Magical Maths October 11th October 2014
Light Fantastic. October 11th October 2014
Light show at Snowhill October 28th October 2014
Heritage Open Doors Sept 13th September 2014
Intriguing Science September 13th September 2014
The death of the dinosaurs. August 2014
The moment an asteroid collided with the earth. August 2014
Competition winners August 2014
Summer Competition winners August 2014
Cooking Up Cool Science, July 2014
Be an Engineer. July 12th July 2014
Saturday July 12th July 2014
BRLSI at Queen Square Festival of Nature June 7th June 2014
Buildathon with the Radio Society of Great Britain July 14th June 2014
Saturday June 14th June 2014
Join it! Soldering with Bob Draper May 10th May 2014
Invent it! May 10th May 2014
Bright Sparks in the Wind with Jess Haywood April 12th April 2014
Paulton Girl Guides. April 3rd. April 2014
mysciencefair at Wiltshire Music Centre March 8th March 2014
Galaxy Zoo March 8th 2014 March 2014
BRLSI Young Researchers March 14th March 2014
What's all the noise about?March 14th March 2014
Getting Close up to Wetness. at The Roman Baths March 12th 2014ysics. March 2014
Brainwave. Saturday March 14th March 2014
BRLSI/Royal Society of Chemistry 6th form lecture March 12th March 2014
Southside Hub All about Sound Tuesday March 17th March 2014
The Gateway Centre - Magnets and Electricity March 18th March 2014
Bath Taps March 21st March 2014
Giving Science a Go at Curo Offices Foxhill March 4th March 2014
Galaxy Zoo March 8th 2014 March 2014
Wicked Weapons with Brian Godwin February 18th February 2014
Crazy Chemistry with Dr. Dave Feb 8th February 2014
Making Molecules with the Royal Society of Chemistry Jan 11th January 2014
The Science of Biomimetics Jan 11th January 2014
Mysciencefair support workshop Jan 11th January 2014
Comet Ison Dec 14th December 2013
Tree Gazing November 2013
Helping the Birds to Prepare for Winter Nov 9th November 2013
Royal Society of Chemistry Global Experiment Nov 9th November 2013


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