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Youth Activities

Youth Activities

If you want to see full details of the Youth Activities programme, BRLSI Bath Young Inventor of the Year Award and pictures of previous workshops go to:


The Youth Activities programme is part of the BRLSI’s Programme sub Committee’s outreach initiative to involve ALL enthusiastic learners under the age of 18 in all aspects of science and technology by linking up with local universities and making use of the full resources of the institution. There is a termly fee of £12 which covers the cost of 3 workshops or £6 per workshop unless otherwise stated. (summer term £16 for 4 workshops) Workshops are aimed at children over 8 and some workshops have a higher age limit.

Advance booking for all activities is essential and book early to avoid disappointment as most of our workshops are often fully booked three or four weeks in advance.

email to book places: coolbookings@brlsi.org and leave details of workshop required and name and date of birth of children and contact telephone number.

Payment on line can be made at http://www.brlsi.org/shop/cat/128

If you want to make comments or ask questions then  go to http://www.brlsiyouthgallery.org and post you contribution.

What we do

Once a month (on the second Saturday afternoon 1pm – 4pm) we provide workshops, in a wide variety of topics related to science, technology, engineering and maths. These workshops are organised in a caring, safe, learning environment which gives children and young people a chance to practise study, research and presentation skills.

We work closely with local institutions of higher education, receiving advice from academic staff and also input from undergraduate and postgraduate students who are passionate about sharing their subject knowledge. In addition, students from the Bath based, world famous Norland College for Childhood Education, assist with the supervision of our workshops.

BRLSI also provides tailor made science workshops for local schools and other groups.

Book and pay through the BRLSI Shop website http://www.brlsi.org/shop/cat/128  stating: the child’s name, DOB, which sessions they would like to attend and a contact telephone number.  Once you have paid we will contact you to confirm your place.


For young people 13+ The BRLSI Young Scientists Research Group.

BRLSI Young Researchers is a joint collaboration between BRLSI, The University of Bath Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Graphic Design Department of the University of Bath Spa.

A team of 11 young people over the age of 13 from a variety of backgrounds is being mentored by five post doctoral and doctoral students in research with reference to the Built Environment in the centre of the city of Bath.

The aim is to make the research experience as authentic as possible and it involves the preparation of a series research papers which will be presented to a mini conference in May 2015. Research includes the development of sustainable building materials, the way in which pollution affects the quality of the materials used, energy consumption in buildings and the use of computers in the design of buildings.

More details on the progress of this project which began in November 2014 will be available in early February 2015

If you are interested in joining the 2015 -2016 leave your details at coolbookings@brlsi.org and we will list you.

Spring Term Programme


January 10th

FULL  Crazy Chemistry with Dr. Dave. This is a repeat of the very successful chemistry workshop we ran last year. Make PVA Slime! Find out about Chromatography by indulging in a bit of food colouring. Do a spot of molecule isomerism and if you don’t know what that is, come and find out. And use red cabbage in a unique and ingenious way.

FULL  Adelard of Bath and his bag of medicine maths and science. 900 years ago Adelard returned to Bath with a bag containing some amazing discoveries. He had just been to the Middle East. He and his friend the Bishop made Bath the healthiest city in Britain! His nephew was so excited he asked Adelard to write a book about all his discoveries. We’ll be delving into the amazing bag of knowledge and trying to answer some of Adelard’s nephew’s questions. (12 places only)

February 14th

FULL  Be a zoologist with Dr Emily. Use the tools of the trade to find out more about what a zoologist does and you’ll be a zoologist too.

FULL  Have a heart on Valentine’s Day with Dr Geoff. Get your hands on a heart and see how it works. (16 places only)

March 14th

FULL  Brainwave with Dr Sarah. As part of brain awareness week this workshop will look at how the brain works by taking part in four fun activities. Students from the University of Bath will be helping her. This is a repeat of last year’s very successful workshop. It is suitable for all children aged 8 - 10 (16 places only)

FULL  What’s all the noise about? Find out about the what, why and how of noise. Where do sounds come from and where do sounds go? Make your own noise and be astounded. (16 places only)

Book and pay through the BRLSI Shop website http://www.brlsi.org/shop/cat/128  stating: the child’s name, DOB, which sessions they would like to attend and a contact telephone number.  Once you have paid we will contact you to confirm your place.

Please note that once a place is booked we cannot refund fees paid in the event of non attendance.


The summer term programme will be announced on January 31st and bookings will be accepted from February 1st


Youth Activities - News

  • Cooking up cool science

    Saturday, 12th October - Childrens Workshop 1pm to 3pm . A chance to learn about the science of food

  • Come Tree Gazing July 27th 2pm

    Be the first to use the new BRLSI Tree Gazing Trail.
    Come and join Mark Cassidy B&NES Tree Officer at 16 Queen Square on Saturday July 27th at 2pm for an afternoon of summer fun looking at trees

  • Mayor launches new BRLSI Adelard Trail

    On Saturday March 9th as part of one of BRLSI 2nd Saturday Children's Science Workshops the Mayor launched The Adelard Trail

  • BRLSI Watery Mystery at Roman Baths

    BRLSI members provided fun tricks for families at The Roman Baths science evening on March 16th and now they are planning the next big event on Saturday April 13th 1pm Champion Trees. ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL. More details and photos at www.brlsi.org/youthactivitiesgallery.

  • Seth finds and draws the BRLSI Monster

    Seth visited BRLSI with his grandmother and followed the BRLSI Building Trail and tracked down the monster and also found lots of other interesting things.

  • Abigail first to beat the science trail

    Despite the weather Abigail and her mum beat the new BRLSI science trail, following in the steps of famous Bath Scientists and ending up at BRLSI 16 Queen Sq, site of the home of Dr Oliver, of biscuit fame

  • Paulton Junior School Wowed by Science Workshop

    Pupils from Paulton School along with 3 of their teachers visited BRLSI on Saturday November 17th and took part in a fun 'hands on' science workshop. They were really thrilled and promised to come back!

  • Tree party was great fun

    The latest BRLSI kids' workshop on Saturday Nov 10th was a great success. 15 children, BRLSI volunteers and some parents found out how to identify and measure the height girth and age of trees, in the Autumn sunshine and had great fun.

  • Party in a Tree

    Fun activity children's workshop on Saturday November 10th 1pm to 5pm. Hands on experimentation, detailed observations plus a walk in Victoria Park with Mark Cassidy B&NES Tree Officer

  • Half Term Fun: Weapons and Science

    Wednesday October 31st and November 1st. 11am to 1pm. A FREE drop in session for family activities. Meet BRLSI weapons expert. Do science experiment and tricks. Follow trails

Did you know...

Selling the King?

During 1919-21, when we were broke, we started selling off parts of our collections, including a portrait of James II which went to The Crown!

Curatorial Curiosities

Middle Palaeolithic Hand Axe

Middle Palaeolithic Hand Axe: The flat-ended profile of this axe, found in Farnham, Surrey, is very characteristic of Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) craftsmanship of this period of the Middle Palaeolithic (25,000-40,000 BP). At one Neanderthal site in East Anglia a similar handaxe was found lodged in a Wooly Mammoth's tusk.