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Title Group Post date
AI: Economic salvation or societal peril? Economics April 2018
A Post Kantian View of the European Union and Brexit Philosophy April 2018
Loving the Machine Economics February 2018
Human Rights at Sea World Affairs January 2018
Ivan Turgenev (1818-83): His Life, Work and Influence Literature and Humanities December 2011
Why I am not a Christian Philosophy September 2010
Memes and Genes Philosophy May 2008
‘Homeric’ Art in Ancient Greece: the case of Polyphemos Antiquities June 2005
Living with the Megapower World Affairs June 2005
Community Responses to Environmental Issues World Affairs May 2005
Cross-Border Relations at the Edge of the European Union World Affairs April 2005
Old Age in Ancient Rome Antiquities March 2005
Massacre: Truth & Reality World Affairs March 2005
Climate Change & International Development World Affairs February 2005
Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Environmental Disaster World Affairs January 2005
Feeding Ancient Rome Antiquities January 2005
Regional Government & Environmental Policy World Affairs January 2005
Alexander the Great’s Successors: in defence of the Hellenistic period Antiquities December 2004
What is Performance Poetry? Poetry November 2004
Hong Kong: Riding the Dragon World Affairs November 2004
War in Uganda World Affairs September 2004
SHORT DEBATES Economics July 2004
Education: the next five years Current Affairs July 2004
The American Museum: Its History & Collections Lunchtime Lecture Series July 2004
People on the Move Economics June 2004